Water Damage Photo Gallery

Lansing Flood

Purchasing waterfront property can be a dream come true - but also a nightmare when the rivers rise and shatter the record from over 30 years ago.

Water Damage in Katy, TX

This Katy, TX home suffered major flooding during Hurricane Harvey. Our crews demolished areas of the walls that had been affected by the water and set dehumidifiers and air movers to get the studs and framing of the home dried out.

Flooded Basement in East Lansing Rental

An attempted breaking and entering went horribly wrong when the intruder hit and broke a waterline in the basement of this East Lansing rental. The water rose rather high, damaging a lot of the tenant's belongings.

Disasters happen...

...and when they do, we'll be there to help. This Morrice, MI basement filled up quickly without warning. With our submersible pump, we were able to get the water out of the basement, preventing more damage to be caused.

Penetrating Moisture Meter

This penetrating moisture meter has a series of pins that probe into a surface and give you a visual display of moisture content. They tend to be more accurate than non-penetrating meters. Most come with deep wall probes for finding trapped moisture.

Moisture Meter

This non-penetrating moisture meter has a series of flat sensors on the bottom that measure the moisture levels between them. They’re an excellent tool for comparing the affected area to either a non-affected area or a dry standard. This model also features a scale for an accurate reading of the material measured.

Water Damage in Lansing Church

Water can cause major damage for the levels affected below. The basement ceiling of this church in Lansing, MI got the worst of it. Luckily, our highly trained technicians were fast to respond and prevent more damage from happening.