Commercial Photo Gallery

Sewage Backup in Industrial Warehouse

The locker room bathroom of this industrial warehouse in Lansing had been left unattended for quite some time, and upon inspection, workers discovered what was left over from some flooding. 

City of Lansing Parking Garage

The City of Lansing relies on SERVPRO of East Lansing/Haslett to keep the downtown parking garages clean and sanitary when birds and other critters decide to make the garage their home.

Jackson, MI Business Water Damage

The ceiling of this Jackson, MI business suffered serious water damage from a pipe burst while left unattended for a week or two over the winter. Along with these ceiling tiles indicating damage, most of the contents, doors, walls, and ceilings of this business were covered in mold.

Sewage Backup in Williamston

This Williamston, MI business experienced a sewage backup in the basement. The owners caught the issue early in the morning and our team of highly trained technicians were able to arrive promptly, clear out the backup, and sanitize the area.

Staging Equipment in Lansing Retail Location

This large Lansing, MI strip mall experienced a major water loss that affected many of the buildings within the mall. When our highly trained technicians respond to your commercial loss, they will conduct a thorough assessment of the damage and drying needs, then stage all the necessary equipment, ensuring minimal downtime for your business.

Supplying Heat to Lansing Business

After a pipe burst in the offices of this Lansing business, the ceilings filled with water and froze. A loss of this magnitude required serious heat to get the temperatures back up, especially during the low outdoor temperatures of January in Michigan. Our technicians were able to warm the offices back up to quickly mitigate and restore.