Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Damage to Items in Storage

This piece of art made from ebony wood suffered a great deal of mold damage while in a long term storage unit. Our techs did all they could to clean and restore the items, but unfortunately about 80% of the items had to be declared total loss due to the extent of the damage.

Mold in Michigan Basement

Warm, humid summers in Michigan can produce the ideal conditions for mold growth in a basement. This basement was used mainly for storage and was rarely disturbed, resulting in extensive microbial growth.

Mold in Clubhouse

The clubhouse of this Jackson, MI golf course suffered a pipe burst while being closed for the winter. Since the course was unattended for 2 weeks at a time, the clubhouse became the perfect host for serious mold growth. 

Mold Hiding Behind Baseboards

Mold grows best in dark, damp places, so finding it behind baseboards is pretty common. Baseboards are not often taken off unless they're being redone or, as in this case, you experience a water loss. 

Mold in an Empty House

Mold can spread quickly, especially in an unattended dwelling. Because drywall is a porous, highly cellulose substance, mold cannot be completely removed. At this point, the drywall will need to cut out and replaced. 

Mold from Water Damage

The walkout lower level of this Haslett, MI home suffered ongoing moisture and water intrusion from the slider door, causing an abundance of mold to develop and grow between the walls.